Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Reaction to Michael Jackson's Death

Most people around the world are feeling shocked and sadden by Michael Jackson's death. The media is going to turn this into a circus event and anyone who might have crossed paths with him in the last 50 years are going to have their two cents aired.

So I will make this quick, I think Michael Jackson was a very talented man but I think he hit his peak in 1980's. Never trying to recreate his sound or image, Michael Jackson became stuck in a "Thriller" loop hole. By the early 90's his songs and videos were predictable and his last true United States Hit in my opinion was "You Are Not Alone" in 1995. (You Rock My World and Butterflies hit #10 and #14 on the chart, but were not solid hits in 2001. Not to mention horrible songs.) Due to this, I believe his fans give him too much credit in his role in shaping Pop Music.
Anyway, I do love some Michael Jackson songs.

My Top Five Michael Jackson Songs that I still want to hear.

1. Say, Say, Say with Paul McCartney

2. Remember The Time

3. Leave Me Alone

4. In The Closet

5. Billie Jean
Here is a pic of me in 1984 with my Michael Jackson T-Shirt

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