Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let's Dance Like It's 1994

"Warrior's Dance", the latest single by The Prodigy, is a track full of 90's techno/rave nostalgia. Normally, I would roll my eyes at a new single from The Prodigy but the song itself is a very similar to there 1994 single that I loved called "No Good (Start The Dance)”.

Discovery The Prodigy in 1996, when MTV was promoting them as "Next Big Thing" in the States, I thought “Firestarter” was annoying and riding on the coattails of the pyromaniacs of mid- 90’s (“Beavis and Butt-head” anyone??) After months of play on MTV, “Firestarter” grew on me.

Their next single "Breathe" was all over the place in June of 1997. That month happen to be the month I was in Beverly Hills and came out to my sister at sixteen. Of course, I came back home and brought their album “Fat of the Land”

After the explosion/implosion of techno music in states in 1997/1998, I stopped following techno music and discovered my love for Gay Club/Remixes Dance and Techno just seemed outdated. Seriously, how could The Prodigy compare with Cher’s “Believe” Album in 1999???

Here is the video for "Warrior's Dance"

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