Saturday, April 2, 2011

Missing ITUNES Songs

Due to having my appendix removed this past Sunday, I have a lot of spare time. One of my activities includes, cleaning up my ITUNES collection. Sometimes certain CDs do not upload with great sound quality. Such as, the "Catching up with Depeche Mode" album  So I decided just to download the album again from ITUNES. The CD was my partner's copy, so I didn't feel like I was buying the album again.

In my quest I have noticed certain songs that are missing from ITUNES that made me say, WTF. For this reason, I am going to keep an ongoing list to see how many songs that I can not find on ITUNES that were major hits in the United States.  F.Y.I this only includes the USA ITUNES store.

Missing ITUNES songs
  • The whole SURVIVOR album from Destiny's Child. This includes, every single from that album. The only exception is the Survivor song that can be found on the Now that’s what I Call Music #1's album. However, you need to buy that whole album to get that one song. Singles such as Independent Woman Part 1, Bootylicious, Emotion, and Nasty Girl are not on ITUNES!
Survivor Album 
  • Which brings us to their greatest hits album, #1's, also not on ITUNES. I thought maybe I could find the above mentioned singles from Survivor on this album. Nope. Which means the Stand Up For Love single is also not on ITUNES. Check on It is found on a "Check on It" EP. (This wasn’t a Destiny’s Child song, but a Beyonce song and someone decided to include it on a Destiny’s Child greatest hits album)
#1's Album
  •  Dionne Farris's 1995 hit "I Know" isn't on ITUNES as well. Not even on a compilation cd of some kind.
Wild See-Wild Flower Album
  • Michael McDonald’s 1986's top ten hit "Sweet Freedom" is nowhere to be found on ITUNES as well.
Sweet Freedom Single 


Now both Destiny's Child albums are found on the Amazon MP3 store.

However, "I Know" and "Sweet Freedom" is not found on the Amazon MP3 store.

Weird isn't?

Does anyone have any information on why these songs are missing?

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